Took the plunge and…went for the 6km *run* over the weekend.

(I wish my life is more exciting where I would begin this blog entry about how I took the plunge and decided to elope/marry in Vegas/resign and now travelling the Silk Road Trail/migrate to UK or somethign more exciting but oh well).


I didn’t run of course, I mostly waddled. The other times, I just dragged my feet and 2 tonnes of flabs to the finishing line.

I nearly cried at the finishing line because ohmygawdIdiditIdidittttt. Didn’t think I have it in me to waddle in the hot sun for 6km (Actually it’s only 5.3km but whose care bak kata Wak Doyok kita).

And today I registered for 11.2km for April.

I must be crazy. Or bored. Or suicidal.

Or all three.

10 thoughts on “7.

  1. CONGRATES noks!!! That is so brill. Mek nak JALAN 2 km pun tak sanggup these days, much less participate in a run. Kipidap uols! You’re such an inspiration!


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