So the year has come to an end.

This country I love have gone through/is still facing some horrible tragedies that I feel will take YEARS to mend. But we will persevere. We have nought much a choice, innit?

On a personal level, my year had been OK. It wasn’t tragic nor had it been exhilarating either. It was just A-OK.

I’ve had worst-er periods – to name but a few: the time when I had very little sleep because I was busy trying to finish assignments doing my MBA (I sleep very little to start with, so having to juggle work + sleep + what little semblance of social life sucked eggs); the time when I had a huge balding patch on the side of my head because I was too stressed at previous employment (nicknamed Hell because it was like that); the time when I was so sickly, colleagues made fun of my “holiday retreats” to Ampang Puteri (record was 1 coma and 4 hospital stays in a year); the time when the ex dropped the bomb that he was marrying his EX in a week’s time and the most heartbreaking of all – the demise of my dear, dear Ayah in 2012 which pain had not lessened.

I’ve had some good years too. These are some of my highlights – The time that I got to fly to Geneva for work on FIRST CLASS (I now need to be/marry someone rich); the numerous times when I traveled – internal, regional, wherever; that time when I finally don the cloak and mortar to signify the end of two years of sleepless nights and endless presentations to lecturers who may or may not like you; the time of full realisation that I need not depend on anyone – friends or otherwise to be happy, that I am my own person and I should create my own happiness. That time when I (think) I’ve finally grew up.

So how did 2014 do to me?

I think it’s great that I have attention span of a bimbo on crack overdose because I seriously cannot recall any personal tragedies or loss this year. For that, Alhamdulillah, I am thankful for the rezeki and good tidings.

I think my key milestone for 2014 would’ve been the realisation of 2012’s resolution to buck the fuck up and start to live healthily. Through admission of guilt and chastisement, I succumbed to the doctor’s pressure to start a healthier lifestyle and signed on to JK1M. Made new friends and chuffed that we are now embarking on our new regime together.

It’s a long journey still, obviously, as these flabs are holding on to my being like a happy, excited puppy humping your leg but I have the support group and more importantly, the Semangat to press on, to waddle on, to weather through all. Gituuu.

I still cannot stop babbling about it because you know, I’m one of those type of people who’d circle the entire parking lot for an hour if it means that I get the parking next to the entrance. I now can waddle for a bit and a half. I am constantly amazed at the fact that I *can* not eat rice for days sometimes (but not too long, teehee) and it is OK to just survive on soups and breads.

Other minor highlights would include my stay at the nice, posh hotel in Singers in June earlier. And meeting up with Val – of whom I haven’t met in yonks. Reacquainting with the lovely girls from school – we are now happily chatting and reminiscing on WhatsApp and planning for a reunion. I believe I am closer to what little friends I have now.

I am now OK if I get no validation of my existence (sometimes).

Discovered some new food places – I am still salivating over that BLR I had in a resto I chanced upon in Damansara Intan. And Mee Tarik Warisan & Nasi Ayam Kunyit are current faves (Though it’s been awhile since I had them on account of having to go on a diet).

That said,

I still haven’t written that book. I don’t think I ever will. I have a frail ego and I don’t think I’d want to hear horrid criticisms about my work. (So much for being zen and not have to validate my existence eh?) Also, I have to the realisation that I am not imaginative enough to create stories. I can’t be arsed to think of sub-plots.

I got tired of social media a few times this year that I seriously contemplated to fuck all and quit. I didn’t of course. OK WHO AM I KIDDING WHEN I SAID I DO NOT NEED VALIDATION FOR MY EXISTENCE??


But seriously, people are so mean and horrid on social media. Why can’t we just bloody get along already?

Come 2015, my #projekbikinibody2015 continues on Gear 2.

Train for the 11km Shape Run in April *gulps*.

Two epic journeys planned, insya Allah, moga dipermudahkan. Three if budget, time and body allows for it.

Be a better person.

Be a better daughter.

Read more books.

Do more charity (and not talk to anyone about it).

Bring on 2015.

Happiest New Year to all of you 4.5 readers that I have hehe. May 2015 be full of blessings, good health, abundance of wealth and rezeki and all-round good tidings to all of us. Group Hug!


3 thoughts on “8.

  1. I am thankful that my 2014 was uneventful, except for some temper tantrums that erupted now and then. Happy New Year!


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