A short one. Because I have the *feels* to update but I can’t update it on my FB where my uncles/aunts periodically reads and comments on my status (so everything must be kosher and you know, kids/aunties/uncles-friendly) and twitter had become too vicious of late.

So I signed up on Tinder after hearing some news about friends and friends-of-friends getting some and actually hitching with men they met on Tinder.

I mean, am sure not ALL men find me vile and unsexy, right?


OK don’t answer that.

So I thought, why the bleddy not and went on Tinder and started to furiously swipe left and right.

After a few days, it dawned to be regardless how acceptable or decent you thought you look in that profile picture – the world isn’t just ready for fatties.

I’ve got only one match so far and the boy has prettier hair than I am.

I’m drowning my sorrows at the swimming pool later. #Drama

2 thoughts on “9.

  1. … and what I hate is jejanz wajah macam Abon berperut boroi pun ada hati nak harapkan pasangan rupa dan body Miranda Kerr. Dulu zaman mIRC I used to say, “if you’re not Richard Gere don’t bleddy expect Cindy Crawford” 😛 #puhleez #cerminmanacermin


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