Thirteen minutes.

Thirteen minutes of typing, deleting and retyping.

I was to join the blog literatis for the #blogreviveday on May 6th.

However, there is nothing of utmost importance that I need to share in this picisan blog of mine.
Whatever social commentary I have on whatever current issues is usually shared via angry tweets and FB updates.

I used to write epic blog entries yonks back. Epic because they were super lengthy (does she ever stop whingeing? I had some readers ask :-P) not because they were titillatingly fascinating.
I do not have the tenacity, drive, wit nor the brain capacity anymore.

My brain is scatterbrain-er now if its ever possible. It is devoid of any ability for clear, thought process in crafting a blog entry.

All I can think about now is this…

Tau dak nasi panas-panas, letak butter (kerrygold or paling koman pun SCS), kicap (only kipas udang merah. Or ABC) and telur goreng (yang jenis crispy at the edges and silky in the centre) tu best gila? Makan depan TV sambil minum ribena while tengok TV Pendidikan or Wazata Zain dan Kak Anne dengan bunyi kipas ceiling going tak-tak-tak-tak?

Best childhood memory. #potongstim entry is brought to you by my paltry attempt at #blogreviveday. Teehee.

10 thoughts on “10.

  1. 13 minutes of ur time…unlimited joy from my end…
    And am reading this traveling back from my work place to home…the time shows 8.03pm…and you know what?
    I am now yearning for Nasi panas with Kicap Cap Kipas. ..and two telor Mata Kerbau with crispy edge and running yolk….

    Welcome back!

    Pak Pin


  2. The thing with nasi panas + butter + kicap is you have to use white rice and not brown rice. Tried nasi+butter+kicap with brown (multigrain) rice. It just doesn’t go. Really really doesn’t go. I’ll go back to eating white rice after this batch of brown rice runs out.

    Okay, thank you.


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