Oh how prolific we are!

I hope I’d be at least rajin enough to update a coupla times in a month eh?

I visited my old blog(s) – sadly the one in Xanga is no longer there and found and re-read my entries.

I can’t believe I have all that time in the world – OK, not that, everyone has 24 hours, but I can’t believe I’d put a coupla hours in a day to update my blog. My entries were all epic long-winded ones. Some were fun to read (I wrote that? Eh, how come I knew so many big words?); most were dismal. Some were outright cringe-y.

But it was fun nonetheless.

But going through the blog entries, I found out that, I have not changed all that much. I mean, I obviously have expanded (SIGH) and grew one or two or 3 million grey hairs but I pretty much still agree to whatever sentiments I had on any issues or topics that I was blogging on at that point of time.

Which fleetingly worries me because does this mean that I will never be mature/wise?

Does this mean that my personal growth is stuck in a rut, as stagnant as Mawi CD sales?

Does this mean I will always be this angry at the world person who is perpetually cranky and whiny?

Thankfully, them damning thoughts lasted all of two minutes because I got distracted by yet another cute animal videos. I mean have you seen that parrot which headbanged to that rock song? So FUNNNYYY.

Anyway work and stuff are taking a bigger precedence, so I end my yet another potong stim entry here.

4 thoughts on “11.

  1. Mine were long winded as well. Bila baca balik, oi tak kerja ke dulu-dulu? How come ada masa ni? Hahhaha. Keep em coming love reading your post


  2. you keep track of Mawi’s CD sales?

    and yea, those long more than 3 syllable words. I had a very good Thesaurus back then.


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